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La forme négative et interrogative en anglais au présent

Posted by Karim Kherbouche

Forme affirmative : base verbale + « s » ou « es » avec He / She / It

I play tennis

You play basketball

She plays football

He plays golf

The dog plays in the garden

We play baseball

They play rugby

Forme négative : don't + base verbale ou doesn't + base verbale avec He / She / It

I don't play tennis

You don't play basketball

She doesn't play football

He doesn't play golf

The dog doesn't play in the garden

We don't play baseball

They don't play rugby

Forme interrogative : do + sujet + base verbale ou does + He / She / It + base verbale

Do I play tennis?

Do you play basketball?

Does she play football?

Does he play golf?

Does the dog play in the garden?

Do we play baseball?

Do they play rugby?

Avec les termisaisons en « s-sh-ch-x », le verbe se ternine en « es »

He misses

She washes the dishes

He watches TV

She mixes

Avec les terminaisons en “y” ET précédées d'une consonne, le “y” se transforme en “ies”

She cries MAIS She says


  • Action habituelle dans le présent

I go to work every Monday

  • Vérité générale

The sun rises in the East

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